Sprouts Alfalfa Organic Seeds

Sprouts Alfalfa Organic Seeds

Medicago sativa

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For just pennies a day, you can have the freshest, most nutrition packed sprouts possible by growing your own at home. Our certified organic sprouting seed will ensure your success.

Alfalfa sprouts are one of the most popular of all sprouting seeds. They are nutritious; high in protein, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and (when exposed to light) chlorophyll. Alfalfa sprouts add lively flavor and texture to tossed salads and sandwiches. The culinary possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

There are several sprouting methods. The easiest method is to use the Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter™. Removable tray dividers allow you to grow up to four different batches of sprouts at once. The “jar method” is also popular (see inside of seed packet for instructions).

To ensure you the safest possible sprouting seeds, a sample from each lot of sprouting seed we receive is sent to an independent laboratory where it is tested for foodborne pathogens. For maximum safety, disinfect the outside of your seeds prior to sprouting by briefly soaking in a dilute bleach solution (1 tsp. bleach to 1 cup hot tap water) for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before sprouting.

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