Micro Greens Spicy Mix Seeds

Micro Greens Spicy Mix Seeds

Brassica, assorted species

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5-10 days. Liven up sandwiches, salads and soups with the newest specialty food in gourmet restaurants and grocery stores. Tasty and nutritious Micro Greens are very easy to grow, and can be grown at any time of the year, even indoors in the winter! The varieties in this custom mix will all be the perfect 1" – 2" size at the same time, with an appealing flavor and texture combination as well as a beautiful color presentation.

This packet sows two 10" x 20" flats.

Days to Emerge:
2-5 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:

Not neccessary

Sow in large, shallow containers outdoors, or indoors under grow lights or near a sunny window (see inside of packet for detailed sowing instructions). Containers can be moved as needed for best light exposure and temperatures. Our mix contains Sawtooth mustard - 30%, Peppergrass cress - 30%, Red Acre cabbage - 15%, Red Giant mustard - 15%, China Rose radish - 10%.

Artist: Carolyn Crawford

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