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Scabiosa Pincushion Flower - Isaac House Blend HEIRLOOM Seeds

A charming, traditional cottage garden beauty with long-stemmed flowers.

Item #1104

$ 2.39

Seed Storage Bags

Use these handy zip bags with custom labels to store your un-sown seed

Item #9320

$ 2.50

Sensitive Plant HEIRLOOM Seeds

It's magic! the leaves of this tropical wonder move at the slightest touch!

Item #1230

$ 1.79

Shiso Perilla Green and Red HEIRLOOM Seeds

You'll soon be hooked on the intoxicating flavor of shiso. A value with green and red in one packet!

Item #5048

$ 1.99

Snapdragon Magic Carpet Blend Seeds

This darling snapdragon blend comes in the merriest of shades for a colorful splash in the garden or container.

Item #1061

$ 1.69

Snapdragon Tall Maximum Blend HEIRLOOM Seeds

Tall, colorful flower spikes add charm to your garden and make exceptional cut flowers.

Item #1035

$ 1.69

Songbird Delight Seeds

Attract a flurry of feathered friends to your garden! This mix supplies a feast for fascinating songbirds.

Item #7017

$ 3.99

Sorrel Common HEIRLOOM Seeds

60 days. A hardy perennial, sorrel has a lemony spinach flavor. One of the earliest spring greens to add to salads.

Item #0137

$ 1.69

Southern Hills and Plains Seeds

From the heart of Texas to the windswept plains of Oklahoma, native wildflowers paint a spectacle of color. NATIVE.

Item #7024

New! $ 4.99

Spinach Bloomsdale Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

28-45 days. An old favorite. Fall grown leaves are every bit as succulent as spring leaves and baby greens.

Item #3007

$ 2.39

Spinach Bloomsdale Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds Large Packet

28-45 days. An old favorite with excellent flavor. Produces large quantities of tender, delciious leaves.

Item #7603

$ 4.49

Spinach Bordeaux Seeds

28-40 days. Turn an ordinary salad into a gourmet experience with exquisite color and sweet flavor.

Item #0212

$ 2.39

Spinach Lavewa Seeds

28-45 days. Tender and lucious; a winner in our spinach trials. Less crinkled makes it fabulous for baby greens.

Item #0207

$ 2.39

Spinach Monstrueux de Viroflay HEIRLOOM Seeds

28-50 days. This "monster" spinach is a must-have for your garden, with flavorful, tender leaves & vigorous growth.

Item #0223

$ 1.79

Spinach New Zealand HEIRLOOM Seeds

50-70 Days. Tastes and looks just like true spinach, but loves hot weather! Enjoy all summer long.

Item #0159

$ 1.99

Sprout Sampler Seed Collection

Fresh, homegrown sprouts; so good for you and so delicious!

Item #4524

$ 24.00

Sprouts Alfalfa Organic Seeds

Nutritious, delicious, and easy to grow in any climate year-round! Sweet, nutty flavor, crisp texture.

Item #7801

$ 3.99

Sprouts Broccoli Organic Seeds

A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! Enjoy year-round, fresh from your own kitchen.

Item #7802

$ 4.99

Sprouts Fenugreek Organic Seeds

Nutty, maple syrup aroma and an exotic, spicy flavor. Vitamin and mineral packed.

Item #7805

$ 3.49

Sprouts Mung Bean Organic Seeds

Crisp, tender texture and slightly sweet, mild flavor similar to fresh garden peas. Fresh from your kitchen year-round!

Item #7800

$ 3.49

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