Your Gardening Stories Inspire Us

Judy catalogI’ve been a gardener since I was little. My Mom and Grandfather were my mentors. I loved to weed and go to John’s Garden Center in San Jose, CA with my Mom. Gardeners aren’t all the same. Sure, we share a common interest, but everyone has their own gardening story—why they started gardening and why they continue to garden today.

Curtis and I, and the whole Botanical Interests team, wanted to know your stories, so we asked, “What is your gardening story in four words or less?” The overwhelming response (hundreds!) made us happy to see that so many people share our passion. Being inspired by just the four words, we asked for the whole story. And boy did we receive them! As we read through your thoughts and memories, a mosaic emerged of different experiences and personalities.

Throughout the catalog, you’ll read a handful of these personal gardening stories, and you may even recognize yourself in them—we certainly did! Some want to ensure their family eats clean, organic food, while others enjoy creating a beautiful landscape like an artist. Many of you were taught to garden by grandparents and continue that legacy by feeding your own families and building gardening communities. Like us, almost all gardeners shared their love of nature and how communing with the earth centers their soul. You’ll read these gardener’s stories and more! Thank you for taking the time to share your lives with us.

This year, we’re excited to share with you, 47 new varieties with something for everyone. We added two new basils, Lemon and Sweet Thai, for the experimental cooks; the stunning Night and Day snapdragon for ornamental gardeners; Showy and Common Milkweeds for pollinator-friendly gardens; and two popcorns, Dakota Black and Robust Pop 400MR, for something fun and unique to grow. We also increased our organic selections; over half of the new varieties are either organic, heirloom, or both. And for those with larger areas, we even added seven new large packets.

Just as we were inspired by each narrative, personal history, anecdote, and even a poem or two, we hope to continue to inspire and educate the gardeners within all of you.

We’re very proud of 2016 catalog. Request a copy today and discover new and unique varieties, read stories from our customers on why they garden, and learn about sowing temperatures, Scoville Heat units, and more.

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