Spring Giveaway!

Posted on: March 9th, 2012 by Judy 1 Comment

It’s almost SPRING!

All it took was a couple of warm days here in Colorado to get me REALLY itching for the growing season. I do all sorts of things to extend my season in both directions, but sometimes I just want spring to be here already.

In anticipation of the season to come, we wanna give some stuff away.

To ‘break ground’ on spring, our friends at CobraHead have been gracious enough to offer a free original CobraHead weeder and cultivator. Anyone who has used one raves about it. Be the next fan.

I know you’ll have your hands in the soil as much as possible, so protect them with a free pair of SunGrip Gloves.

Gardening is gratifying all by itself, but sometimes it’s nice to have some (almost) instant gratification. That’s why we’re including our collection of ‘Fast Food’ in our spring giveaway. Seven varieties with harvest times of 50 days or less will have you munching on garden-fresh produce before summer shows up!

Spring is the time where the fantasies of winter start to come true. Why not try some ‘Weird and Wonderful’ varieties in your garden this season? Win this giveaway and your flower and vegetable gardens will be anything but ordinary and certainly beautiful.

Don’t forget, in all the excitement, to label what seeds you’ve sown where you’ve sown them. To ensure an organized and well-labeled garden, were including 20 Garden Stakes.

How do you win? Subscribe for our newsletter. It’s that simple. We will announce our winner on the first day of spring in a special edition of our newsletter.

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