Spring Into Peas

Garden, sowing - woman sowing seeds into the soil


At the beginning of winter, I enjoy its neutral color scheme, fuzzy sweaters, crackling fires, and warm bowls of soup. But by mid-winter, I need to see color, and have the promise of spring that a beautiful flower arrangement affords me. That’s why through January, February, and March I maintain at least four vases of cut flowers in my house.

My longing for that promise is over because today is the first day of spring! Today I am sowing peas–snap peas and sweet peas. Even though a few bulbs and violas have already begun to sprout in my garden, the ceremony of sowing peas is my official “It’s spring” ritual. I usually soak my pea and sweet pea seeds overnight (but it isn’t a deal breaker).  Then, I love taking the round, plump seeds and snuggling them into a blanket of soil. I know that within a few days, the seedlings’ bright green foliage will appear, warming my green thumb, and signaling that my vegetable garden is officially open for business! Color will soon return to my previously frozen, snow-covered garden.

What are you sowing on the first day of spring? What’s your garden signal that spring has begun?

Posted on: March 20th, 2015 by Judy No Comments