Packets of Inspiration

Judy's initial concept

Judy’s initial concept

When Curtis and I started Botanical Interests 20 years ago, we knew we wanted something more than the seed packets we were seeing in stores. We set out to design our own seed packets that reflected who gardeners really are—artists, historians, chefs, and scientists. Just like us.

We wanted something creative, informational, and unique. For the front, we began commissioning local Colorado artists to illustrate each variety so the images stop you in your tracks. But also being a busy mom and shopping one-handed (you know, holding a kid in one arm and shopping with the other), I was looking for practical information I could find quickly. Therefore, we decided the front of the packet would also include a brief description of the variety and at-a-glance sowing recommendations. The back of the packet would give just a little bit more—when to sow the variety in your area by using your average last frost date and variety-specific information. The back would even include a plant tag cutout! Where most other packets seemed to provide only general instructions, we wanted the inside of our packet to give extensive horticultural information, but to also include really cool stuff like the history of the plant, recipes, and tips on keeping your cut flowers and harvested vegetables fresh. Utilizing the inside of the packet gave us more room to add all the other information we knew gardeners wanted, because we wanted it, too!

Although we may have refreshed the look along the way, twenty years after the packet’s initial conception, the basic design has remained the same. We’re proud of our seed packets and all that they offer to gardeners. We’d love to hear how our packets have inspired and educated the gardener in you!

Current packet design

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