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Composting: Something Old Into Something New

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by Judy No Comments

In my last blog, I wrote about good foundations. Now as the leaves fall into my yard, I’m thinking about my compost bin and how compost improves the foundation of my garden. This past weekend, before I planted my garlic, I added a thick layer of homemade compost to my garden bed.

For my compost pile, I use the old-fashioned layering method: one layer of dried material, one layer of green material, and one layer of finished compost. Sometimes I sprinkle bloodmeal or cottonseed meal (these materials give compost a little shot of nitrogen) or horse manure if I have it. Next spring, I’ll turn it with a pitchfork or toss my little rototiller in the compost bin and let the engine rev (it may be a little “Tim the Tool Man” of me, but it’s fun).

Composting teaches us much more than just science. It’s the philosophy of taking something old, like scraps and broken branches, and transforming them into something useful and beneficial. I have some leftovers I may transform into my favorite veggie casserole, does that count? What else in our lives can we “compost?”