Growing Principles


It’s no secret that gardening is my passion. The hours I have spent thinking about gardening, whether I’m planning my garden or working in it, have given me more than beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables. All those chores reflect life lessons. Maybe that’s why I find gardening to be such a grounding experience.

A while back I was helping a friend clean up his home garden. It had been his wife’s garden, and was left untended since she passed two years prior. But now, he wanted to start growing in it again, and I was more than happy to help him.

Even though the garden was overgrown, I could immediately tell that at one time it was a well-organized and thriving garden. There were raised garden beds, some planter boxes, a “low-maintenance” area, and a weed barrier covered by rocks next to the fence. Once I saw through the dried grass, hardened soil, and broken birdbath, the picture of the garden’s past appeared to me. Because this gardener had set the right foundation in place, I knew that bringing this garden back to life wouldn’t take long. We didn’t have to start over.

A few weeks later, my friend was rejuvenated to see the garden tidied up and ready for seeds again. It even inspired him to fix the broken birdbath, which now has running water and is constantly enjoyed by the neighborhood birds. It’s interesting to me that gardening principles—laying good foundations, planning for next season, nurturing for strong growth—reflect lessons applicable to life, love, and work. My friend got it right the first time, and now he can move forward to the next growing season in his life.

Posted on: October 3rd, 2014 by Judy 1 Comment