Garden Journal Notes to the Future

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Fall is approaching. The angle of the afternoon sun creates a beautiful glow in the garden. I love this time of year; it is a great time to sit in my garden and reflect on what I like and what I want to change. I need to divide my crowded delphiniums and give them to a neighbor, sow more leeks next year, remember to sow a fall succession of peas, and plan for more color in June. While my landscape boasts every color of the rainbow in April and May, come last June it was ablaze with yellow, and only yellow. So now I sit, enjoy, and make these notes in my trusty garden journal.

Taking some time this fall to review what you did or didn’t like in your garden will make a world of difference for next year. Having firm ideas of what to change will make seed ordering a snap when you receive our catalog this winter. Not only do I make notes to remind myself what to do differently next year, but I also use garden stakes to mark the space noting the variety I want to add and its bloom period (you can search by bloom period or color on our website, too!). I also like to print out a photograph of my garden and draw in plants to add, leaving a little room for new varieties. These techniques really help me visualize the changes I want next year, and get started on this fall. That’s right, this fall. In addition to dividing and moving established plants, I will sow some flower seeds now, as several annuals and perennials perform best when sown in the fall.

The coming of fall usually feels slightly bittersweet, but after a hour of dreaming and journaling in the garden, and watching my goldfinch friends enjoy the sunflowers, I feel excited for the changes to come, and the garden feels like a fresh palette.

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