Garden Trellis Ideas

It’s almost time to sow peas! Snow pea vines will be about 28” long, but Snap peas can grow up to 8’ in one growing season! Providing a trellis will give your peas a place to climb and produce, as well as create a beautiful, natural backdrop or privacy screen.

You don’t have to spend hours building a trellis. Try repurposing items from garage sales, thrift stores, and your own home.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Sections of antique, wrought iron fences create old world charm for many years. These can often be found in salvage yards.

Paris, France. Detail of antique metal decorative fence

2. Wagon wheels, when connected to an axle, provide stability and extra room for additional latticework. You can find these at garage sales, farms, antique stores, and junk yards.

snowy horse drawn hay rake and beehive in winter farm garden


3. Judy Seaborn, co-founder of Botanical Interests, found this antique headboard and is repurposing it this year in her garden. She painted it white to focus attention on the peas.


4. A wooden or metal wine rack can be made into a home for smaller vining peas.

Old bottles of wine in old cellar, on dark  background

5. Most home improvement stores sell chain link fencing material. It’s a low cost option that can go up quick; support with a fence post.

Malla metalica


6. Even a small windmill makes a very happy home to climbing vines.


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