Creative Containers



Container gardening is a great alternative to traditional in-ground gardening for those with limited space. It’s also useful when showcasing a particular plant or plant combination. You can use containers to create visual interest through unique color combinations, materials and heights.


When most people think about containers, they think about what you typically see in garden centers. Many things could be re-purposed into a container. Old windows could be used to create a raised garden bed or cold frame while giving the garden a vintage look.

window planter

Think outside the box and get creative with your containers! An old bathtub provides a very deep home for a large root system.

flowers planted in old bathtub


A wheelbarrow can be moved around the garden in order to take advantage of micro climates.


Old tires can hold several small containers and can be painted.




le gomme in giardino


Watering cans make attractive, small containers. Add drainage holes to ensure good root health.





Piante dentro gli innaffiatoi

Be sure to consider weather exposure, drainage, and material when containers are to be exposed to the elements or used for growing food.